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Why have a I chosen Rainbow Diary? Well, I love colors (who doesn’t). I feel colours of the rainbow portray a myriad of emotions. The sunlight pushing through the clouds, a raindrop shivering on the leaf, the joyous tweeter of the birds, even the buzzing, droning and whizzing of all those scary looking insects which come out of their hiding place after a good shower from the skies reflects the many moods of the nature. I too, intend to log in my thoughts in this diary through anecdotes, articles, stories…..maybe just pictures of places, people and things. I hope some of you will join me in this journey of chasing the rainbow.

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Japan in autumn

I was looking for something to post this week and was hitting a dead end with all my ideas. None of them seemed interesting. I decided to spend a day reading what others were posting. A fellow blogger, Wandering Ambivert’s quote, Somewhere on your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view, caughtContinue reading “Japan in autumn”


Originally posted on Jhilli's Potpourri:
This is my second trip to Slovenia. When I returned from my first trip, my “skeptical” friends were amazed to see the fabulous pictures that I had brought back. It is mini Switzerland! I had covered the Lake Bled and Bohinjska area in that trip. I had heard about…


Call of the mountains… As the pandemic has ruled out visiting other countries, so the travel bug in me started looking for places within reach, close to my hometown and having less Covid restrictions. The Doon valley is surrounding by Shivalik hills and Himalayan mountains. As one travels up, from the valley to the hills,Continue reading “Sursingdhar”


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