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Why have a I chosen Rainbow Diary? Well, I love colors (who doesn’t). I feel colours of the rainbow portray a myriad of emotions. The sunlight pushing through the clouds, a raindrop shivering on the leaf, the joyous tweeter of the birds, even the buzzing, droning and whizzing of all those scary looking insects which come out of their hiding place after a good shower from the skies reflects the many moods of the nature. I too, intend to log in my thoughts in this diary through anecdotes, articles, stories…..maybe just pictures of places, people and things. I hope some of you will join me in this journey of chasing the rainbow.

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Night Flower

I love this monsoon flower. The plant and the bud is very ugly looking, rather the bud looks like a dead rat. But the flower is pristine white with a very delicate fragrance. It blooms in the night and closes up at dawn. It’s the state flower of my province. I hope it gives asContinue reading “Night Flower”


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